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ITM Group - a bond between Eastern and Western economy.

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Group ITM - MTI was founded in Belgrade in 1990 and in a very short time became one of the most successful companies in this part of Europe.

The basic instigating force was the bonding of the economies of the Eastern and Western countries. A two way connection was established so that the greatest quality products from western producers were distributed and sold to consumers in Eastern countries. 

At the same time, raw materials and semi-finished products of ferrous metallurgy, chemicals, coal, coke from rich deposit sites in the East were transported in the opposite direction. In the previous period cooperation was instigated with several Croatian producers like INA - oils and lubricants, as well as with the well-known producer of Modrica motor oil.

Head Office

The pride of ITM Group is the super modern Distribution center in Simanovci, which was started up towards the end of 2005. It spreads out on 15.600 square meters. This investment raised the ITM distribution to the highest level. It is a so called smart warehouse, with a computerized system of storage and ordering of various kinds of goods, with a fleet of 250 vehicles for all types of distribution.

The distribution center Simanovci was certified in 2007 to the ISO standard 9001: 2000, and at the beginning of 2010 it was recertified to the 9001:2008 standards. We were certified with HACCP in March 2011. With this the company achieved international standards for providing logistic services and definitely confirmed the role of a logistic leader in the region.

In December 2011 a separate legal entity ITM Logistika d.o.o. was registered, providing logistics services for both ITM Group, and major global brands such as L'Oreal and Unilever and domestic Bambi, Strauss Adriatic and Jaffa Crvenka. 

At the end of June 2010, ITM has established a new company National Logistics, specialized for providing logistic services in food industry. The service includes the preservation of cold chain, from receipt of goods in our warehouse to delivery to customers / end users. The same month the contract with IMLEK Company was signed for warehousing and distribution of their goods. In the Republic of Serbia, National Logistics is the leading and largest company that provides services in the cold chain, with the capacity of over 7700 pallet positions and 130 delivery cold storage vehicles.

The super modern showroom for household appliances of renowned brands Gaggenau, Siemens and Bosch, Scavolini, Franke, Liebherr and Bose was opened on June 01, 2009 and offers top quality sale service. The ITM showroom is located in New Belgrade at 11a Milutina Milankovica Street.

Since February 2003, ITM is the owner of Hladnjača Apatin a.d. (Cold-storage Apatin). Since then, the revitalization of the production in the Hladnjaca has begun together with investments in new technology lines. Expert personnel have been recruited and the production of our own brand Yupik Food began. In a very short time the Hladnjaca Apatin positioned itself among top quality producers of frozen fruits and vegetables in Serbia and in the region. The production rate grew from year to year -in 2003 it was at 1450 tons of ready made goods and in 2009, it reached 5650 tons. The storage capacity is 5000 tons on green pea basis.
Following the investments, the production capacity of the cold-storage is 9000 tons. The cold-storage has the HACCP and ISO 9001 standards. It cooperates with significant partners such as Delta, Frikom, Ledo, Podravka, Jami (BH). It exports to Germany, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, Albania, Czech Republic and former Yugoslavian republics.

Since December 2007, ITM Group is the owner of IPM (Industry of Precise Mechanics) in Belgrade. Its basic activity is the production of engine equipment and the systems for fueling petrol and diesel engines, as well as the production of hydro mechanical door mechanisms in construction industries. The factory represents the technical-technological whole with thermal processing, foundry and pressing.
Since 2004, IPM has had the ISO 9001: 2000 TUV standard of quality and 80 % of its products have been exported mainly to the Middle East markets.

The members of the group, although performing seemingly different activities are connected by strong synergetic connections, whose true results will show in the future.